Salmon and avocado canapes

Salmon and avocado canapes

15 minutes


4 people


4 slices of whole wheat Panfiocco Roberto

½ avocado

½ lemon

50 g whole white yoghurt

1 package of smoked salmon

150 g of stracchino

Pepper to taste


Start with the avocado and yogurt sauce: slice half an avocado and place it in a bowl. Add a few drops of lemon juice, yogurt, a pinch of pepper and use the food processor to blend everything into a sauce.

Toast the slices of whole wheat Panfiocco on both sides and cut each slice into 4 pieces resulting in 16 croutons.

Spread a base of stracchino cheese on each crouton and place a slice of smoked salmon on top. Add a touch of avocado and yogurt sauce for flavor and serve.

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