Honesty was taught to us by bread.
So good and so simple at the same time.
She is our best advisor, she is the ingredient of all our products.
of all our products, it is the scent of our laboratories.
It is the recipe of a true story. That of Roberto Alimentare.

An Italian story

Once upon a time
there was an oven.

Small and modest, in a small town in the province of Treviso. Mario Canzian used to work there and after years of working his way up the ranks as a baker, he decided to take it over. The job is hard, the nights to prepare bread are long, but the passion is stronger. Mario began to create new products, including breadsticks, one of the bakery’s specialties.

Wide to
the passion.

Mario’s oven was small, too small for all those demands! Thus was born the first factory and, with it, the adventure of Roberto Alimentare, the name chosen by Mario for his son and for his company. Breadsticks, sliced bread, bruschettas, hamburgers, savoury snacks: the number of products increased and conquered families in Italy and around the world. One thing, however, has never changed. The passion for good bread, the same as in that small bakery in the village.

Ours is a sincere bread.

A genuine bread, made with few ingredients, simple and of high quality.
A safe bread, constantly controlled in every phase of production.
A traditional bread, born from authentic recipes of Italian cuisine.
A bread attentive to people’s tastes and to the changing technologies.

This is our bread. Sincerely, the best there is.

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