Sausage morsels

Sausage morsels

20 minutes


1 person


2 slices of Tramezzino with olive oil Roberto

1 sausage

10 currants

2 leaves of tender salad

1 shallot

Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Prepare the sausage bites: remove the skin from the sausage, divide the mixture inside in half and form two meatballs with your hands. Place the meatballs on a flat surface and, with the help of the bottom of a glass, crush them to form two flattened balls.

Pour a little oil into a frying pan, place the two flattened balls in it and cook them for a few minutes, until they reach the desired cooking level.

Wash and dry the currants and lettuce and then cut the shallots into rounds.

Using a pastry cup or glass, cut out two circles about 6 cm from each slice of Tramezzino bread with evo oil and toast them on both sides in the pan.

Use one of the circles of Tramezzino bread with evo oil as a base, place the salad, the crushed sausage ball, some shallots, a few currants and close the morsel with another circle of Tramezzino.

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